Too Good To Be True

How fun is this: getting up when it is dark to go eat really healthy muffins, drink a hot beverage, and talk about our Savior with other men? I’m always sharpened by what gets said, and the incredible experiences God’s given each of us.

We’re just finishing John Leonard’s Get Real, which has been a very thought-provoking and interesting book on sharing your faith.

One of his enduring points to me is that the good news of Jesus really is awesomely, incredibly, unfathomably deep. So much so that we who are Christians often don’t grasp it.

Here’s one of his summary paragraphs:

“Could it be that people reject the gospel because it is too good to be true? This is not just a problem that non-Christians have; even Christians have difficulty believing the gospel. Our biggest struggle as Christians is not the indwelling sin that keeps popping up in our lives, filling us with guilt and fear. It is our unwillingness to believe the gospel because it is just too good to be true. We need again to see our Savior and what he has done for us, and to understand the dimensions and depth of the gospel and live out of its resources.”

The gospel is not only that Jesus wiped out our sin but also that he gives us his righteousness. Which means that something that really is too good to be true… is true.

Fantastic!  May that spill out of us… and change how we look at everything.

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