Creator of All

Does God have the power to stop the Sun? And yet maintain gravity and atmosphere? To hold everything together while actually ceasing the rotation of the Earth? And then start it up again? Without everyone dying from the whiplash?

Sounds like a crazy concept, but that’s the cleanest read of Joshua 10:13-14. The sun stood still. God did it. This was an act of almost incomprehensible power.

Overestimating the power of God is impossible. Go ahead, try. “More powerful than a million suns.” As soon as that is written, it can be exceeded. How about a billion suns? More powerful. A trillion? More powerful.

His power isn’t just seen in miraculous events. God made everything. Simply by speaking it into existence. His power is simply limitless, right?

I can (barely) grasp the idea of limitless power. Inasmuch as I do, I am driven to bow my knee, to submit to the reality of overwhelming force. He is God. I am not. Nobody else is. Only him.

God’s power is amazing, but his omnipotence is not what primarily amazes me. What humbles me is in the midst of his power, he cares. He doesn’t just make the stars, he knows them by name. He doesn’t just make big things, he makes grains of sand.

In the account in Joshua, the sun stands still. But what is equally amazing as that miracle is why. The day lengthened on account of Joshua asking for it, and God listening.

God cares for his people. His most amazing attribute, in my eyes, is hesed, a transliteration for a Hebrew word meaning steadfast love. He loves. This all-powerful God, he makes the lame walk and the blind see. He looks at fallen broken people, and gives healing and hope. He does this himself, in his son Jesus.

If God has set his love on you, then you have nothing to fear. He goes before his people, he cares for his own, he protects them and keeps them (and he is really able to!).

The only issue of life is—has he set his love on you? And the answer is simple: yes, he has. If you will trust him. Anyone who trusts in Jesus, not in themselves, will be saved (John 3:16).

So see his power. Be amazed. And receive his mercy, thus to sing in glorious wonder. Because the all-powerful worker of miracles died to set you free.

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