God who made the world and all in it exists as a trinity, Father, Son and Spirit. The Bible says that the entire universe is upheld, moment by moment, by the word of his power (Hebrews 1:3). This God is over all beings, visible and invisible, and there is more going on that is not seen than that which is seen.

The Son became human, Jesus Christ, who is fully man and fully God. What Jesus did on the cross echoes into all the universe, defeating spiritual powers and principalities we have never seen. These are our enemies, these invisible spiritual powers. I’m not pulling that out of thin air; the Bible says that in Ephesians 6:12.

I can barely understand this, because I am such a product of Western culture. I think tomorrow will be just like today, and that there are rational, understandable answers to everything. Our whole scientific worldview is based on the world following certain observable laws. I read 2 Peter 3:5-7, but I am still a product of my rationalistic worldview.

Did you know that in 2037, high tide in Bellingham will be at 9:32 am? I looked that up, I didn’t calculate it myself. But the calculations are based on science. Observations about how the earth rotates around the sun, and the moon around the earth.

Electricity, the combustion engine, telephones, open heart surgery, you name it. All based on observational cause-and-effect scientific rationalism. We lean on this every single day. Every time we turn on a light switch. Every time we drive a car.

The reality of the supernatural challenges our suppositions, makes it clear that we are choosing to believe against the world. Against relying on what we can see and touch. That there is a God who is not able to be put into a box. That he does not bow to universal laws. He is above, beyond, and enters into our world in a way that is supernatural.

Our hope is in his supernatural salvation, in the battle he wins with powers way beyond our knowledge, beyond even our ability to see. Only Jesus saw Satan fall from heaven; we trust what he says, not what we see (Luke 10:18).

The supernatural humbles us. Because we are not in control. Because we are believing in things we can’t see, let alone influence. Because we are totally dependent, from our very first breath until our last, on the kindness of God.

We are nothing. He is everything. What a wonder that we have value in his eyes, that we experience both his power and his love in the cross of Jesus. Come, put your hope in this supernatural God.

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